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Dear LIW members,

The Landscape Institute is celebrating its 90th birthday this year. I’m contacting you on behalf of the LI’s Wales Branch (LIW) to let you know about our celebration event.

LIW is inviting every branch member to plant a tree, with the aim of having at least 90 trees planted across Wales.

We’ve written to registered landscape practices in Wales and nurseries in Wales and England to ask for donations of trees, stakes and ties. We’ve requested deciduous trees at least 10-12cm girth; and to help combat plant health issues we have noted a preference for, where possible, native British trees or trees of British provenance.

We hope you will get involved with your colleagues, friends or family to plant a tree in a semi-public place – school grounds, hospitals, community group centres or in any other accessible place or institution where permission can be arranged. While the LIW encourage the trees to be planted in semi-public places, if permissions cannot easily be arranged, you are permitted to plant the tree in a private garden.

The donated trees, stakes and ties will be either sent to you by the registered practice or nursery, or you’ll be able to collect it in person. A list of participating registered practices and nurseries to contact will be provided soon. You are also welcome to purchase a tree, stake and tie in order to participate in the event.

In return, I ask that you to email us at with a small package of information comprising:

  • a digital photograph of the tree being planted and one of the tree in situ;
  • a note of the tree species;
  • a brief description of the tree’s location and why you have planted it there; and
  • a note of the tree’s 12-digit GPS OS grid location (using a free smartphone app such as GPS OS Grid Reference on iPhone or Grid Reference on Android). You could also plot the point on a map manually and attach it to your submission.

The LIW will then plot each new tree and its information onto an interactive, online map. If privacy is a concern, members choosing to plant trees in private gardens may wish to provide a more generalised location such as the name of the town or the street name only.

Please keep a look out for further updates about how to get involved via the website, email and our social media accounts.

Yours Sincerely,

Olwen Maidment 

Branch Secretary

Landscape Institute Wales branch

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