Rhyl Promenade

Rhyl Promenade

BCA Landscape was appointed by Denbighshire County Council in May 2002 following a competitive tender to carry out a feasibility study into the improvement of Rhyl’s West Promenade, which then was dominated by a patchwork of tarmac and defunct attractions in various states of disrepair.

The brief was to provide improvements to the seafront, with a focus on putting the ‘promenade’ back into Rhyl and encouraging links with the town centre, providing a fresh environment to attract visitors and local residents alike. The project also had to act as a catalyst for the redevelopment of West Parade, demonstrating investment in the public realm and inspiring private sector confidence to invest in adjacent property. Finally, it had to support and stimulate the local economy, maintaining existing seafront business and providing a larger market to justify new enterprise.

Within the structure of five sheltered gardens sit a number of modernised public attractions; a water play park, an open air theatre (based on the town’s former Coliseum), crazy golf, gardens, skateboard park and play areas, providing activity for all ages. An ice cream kiosk and the mini golf course are leased to tenants with a long history of involvement on the Promenade. The Water Play Garden is enclosed for safety reasons, and operated by the county’s leisure services department as a free facility within set opening times during the season. The public toilets (with green roof) are open throughout the year.

Unique, detailed design features are scattered through the scheme like flotsam on the beach and celebrate Rhyl’s events and characters – ‘Postcards from Rhyl’, chosen with input from the local history group, are printed on tiles; fish faces designed by a nearby school spout water jets and marks are carved in the concrete, like someone has drawn with a stick in the sand.

Location Rhyl, Denbighshire
Lead landscape architect BCA Landscape
Client Denbighshire County Council
Website http://www.denbighshire.gov.uk
Other info Photo: BCA Landscape
Category Coast

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